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e-Commerce Business

Centering on the “Kitaguni” Hokkaido gourmet mail order site,
we have expanded broadly with our Rakuten Market store,
Yahoo Shopping store, and Gurunavi Market store.
Our ecommerce sites are made to accommodate your needs.

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Retail Business

North Create Co., Ltd.

We are expanding our business into Hokkaido hotels and roadside restaurants,
major department stores, including the New Chitose Airport, and even abroad.

Manufacturing / Processing and Wholesale Business

Kato Suisan Co., Ltd.

We offer a variety of products from Hokkaido’s fisheries,
including the best crab carefully boiled by hand by skilled workers.
We deliver the fresh deliciousness of the “Northern Country” with sincerity.

Overseas Business

We deliver the charm of Hokkaido to the world
through products unique to Hokkaido.

Media Business

We issue “Faura”, a magazine on Hokkaido’s nature, every quarter.
A portion of the proceeds from our sales is donated to the Hokkaido Environment Foundation to be used effectively for the conservation of Hokkaido’s natural environment.

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